Here's how it works: After I get your email, I'll send you a preview of the graphic and if you like it, I'll send you the rest. If you don't, you can tell me what to edit or change, and as long as it isn't a ridiculous detail that doesn't really matter, I'll do my very best to change the graphic until it's good enough.

I will not design for blogs than contain porn, racism or any unnecessary hate bitchiness towards others, and I think you can work out why. There are also certain requests I might decline, but it will always be for a good reason.

I won't design magazine covers or pages. If you want me to do a graphic for your magazine, you would have to hire me as an official graphic designer for your mag. But I will do graphics for Stardoll products (such as Stardesign fashion line), projects, or invitations.

1. You cannot claim my work is your own and you cannot redistribute it. 

2. I put a small signature somewhere on each of my graphics, usually incorporated in the actually image so no-one can remove it. If I see that part of my graphic or my signature has been tampered with I'll ask you to remove it.

3. This is a totally free service - but please don't abuse it and order 57262973918 graphics at the same time.

4. Please have a minimum of respect towards me while I'm making your graphic - I'm not asking you to suck up, just avoid being rude or bossy.