vendredi 29 juillet 2011

Hair Test Graphic

I'm just testing out some new brushes I downloaded. I worked mostly on the hair but I added extra makeup too. Model is me. Opinions?

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Hand Graphic

I generally suck at making hands so I thought I'de practice. I got lazy when it came to the pen and took one off google, fiddled around with the filters a bit then added some very bad shading. Sorry about that.
And of course, my signature bright pinkness is ever present on the nails. Enjoy.

Pink Glove Graphic

As you can tell, I have a very slight obsession with bright pink at the moment - I think it was the Gaga graphic I did earlier that set it off. Anyway, enjoy this one. I know the glove isn't very good, in fact its very basic, but I'm rubbish at hands and I wanted to included the pink somehow. Opinions? It didn't very take long to make.

Black and White Graphic

The model is my good online friend Allie Dawson, aka Hale-Rosalie199 on Stardoll. Please check her out, she has a gorgeous doll and suite and is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met. :3
Anyway, this graphic is for The Tc Times magazine I'm doing. It should be coming out soonish. (:

New Lady GaGa Graphic

I know that a lot of people have done this particular image before, but I can assure you that I made this one myself. It doesn't have a face because I was too lazy to put one, and also I only did this graphic for to test out my new shading techniques. Opinions? It's also my first time doing hair flying out like that. :3